The founding members of CAEDZ, the late Mr. Bernard Howard and Mr. Darrell McKibban, were involved for about 3 years in a teleport city project originally developed in Nevada, USA. Teleports combine “smart” community planning with a centralized system of intelligent telecommunications. Upon being abandoned by the client in mid 2003, they formed CAEDZ in order to utilize their eco sustainable expertise along with teleport infrastructure knowledge in order to take on societies pressing challenges. CAEDZ was created in response to the inefficiencies, duplication of effort and cost overruns inherent in large publicly administered infrastructure construction projects.

A large development contract soon became available in Malaysia. CAEDZ Senior Managing Partner Dr. E.L. Sjahrial was selected by the Malaysian government due to his previous success in orchestrating Malaysia's Multimedia Super Corridor (a 55 km long hi-tech regional mega development including the relocation of the national capital to the new city of Putrajaya), as well as Singapore Teleport City, Multi Function Polis in Australia, as well as eight other large projects around the world. Consequently, CAEDZ signed a contract with Nusantara on May 10, 2005 to develop Malaysia's International Eco Health City and Indonesia's DKI Jakarta Waste to Energy. These projects introduces CAEDZ to Indonesia and led CAEDZ to Project Indonesia Initiative. In August 2006 CAEDZ was commissioned to develop an economic re-engineering plan to implement President Yudhoyono's Vision for Change. Today this Initiative is the largest climate change initiative project in the world, an economic re-engineering development to overcome the physical, social and policy obstacles to improve economic, environment, and social conditions.