CAEDZ is a membership-based organization. There are four different membership levels at which CAEDZ associates may participate in CAEDZ. Please use the form below to register your interest in a specific membership level and to start a dialog with CAEDZ. You will be contacted with detailed information regarding these programs.


In pulling together companies that can participate in fulfilling its contracts, CAEDZ has established a “Preferred Partner” program. We are building a cadre of participating companies that are not only capable of supplying key services, products and resources to CAEDZ projects, but are also able to assist in financing the planning and start-up phases of large projects in return for certain advantages in the contracting phases of the project. The advantage of the CAEDZ Preferred Partner Program is an assurance that the contract value will be awarded to the participant with a minimum of overhead and substantially better business efficiency compared to traditional direct bid scenarios.


Affiliate Partners are firms that are independent practitioners such as architectural, engineering, environmental design and planning firms. Affiliate Partners are qualified to work very closely with CAEDZ and may be rent sharing tenants of CAEDZ facilities.


Basic Membership is for those vendors who register to advertise their business, products or services on CAEDZ website. Because of the large scope of the projects CAEDZ is developing, there is opportunity to gain exposure to other businesses and consumers. CAEDZ projects develop economies. A minimal annual online service fee is required to register and list a business and product/service description.


Ribbon Membership is for those vendors who want to participate in CAEDZ projects and subscribe to CAEDZ Eco Synesis sustainable development program. In addition to advertising their business, products or services on CAEDZ website, their annual membership fee will provide them with online newsletter, project management tools available online, project guidelines, contract bid announcement, and a chance to participate in product/service presentations at CAEDZ events or to CAEDZ clientele.


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