Project Indonesia Initiative is a broad and comprehensive economic re-engineering development program that considers Indonesia's economy, environment, people, policies, and infrastructure. The bedrock for the economic success of the Initiative is to deploy large-scale regional master planning and integrated solutions to the many facets and layers altered by human-induced global warming.

West Java Province is the site for the deployment of Project Indonesia Initiative's economic corridor development. Here are some statistical background on West Java Regional Economic Corridor and compare it to Silicon Valley, California.

West Java Regional Economic Corridor Silicon Valley, California
 West Java Province 55,390 km sq   State of California 423,970 km sq 
 West Java's Population 40 million people   California's Population 37 million people 
 Colleges & Universities 250  Colleges & Universities 200
 Economy Largest in Indonesia   Economy Largest in the USA 
 Land Use/Utilization 63% Agriculture   Land Use/Utilization 60% Agricutulture 
 Economic Corridor Area 7,200 km sq   Silicon Valley Area 6,539 km sq 
 Regency/County Cirebon   Regency/County Alameda 
  Greater Bandung    San Francisco 
  Majalengka    San Mateo 
  Sumedang    Santa Clara 
 Population 10 million people   Population 8 million people